Difference between the sum of values in column

I need need the number value given by the difference between the sum of values in column A and the sum of values in column B to appear in my Dashboard.

I have tested the new release of Dashboard Hub but find it rather slow to process the data.

Is there any other solution?

Hey @AleRun,

Not sure if this is along the lines of what you’re looking for, but is it possible for you to set up a formula column to subtract the 2 numbers columns to pull the difference in the summary, as shown below:

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 3.40.28 pm

From there you can set up a numbers widget in your dashboard to pull this total number (the difference between the 2 summary’s in column A and B):

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood!

Thank you @BiancaT, very good solution.

What if I wanted (always in a Dashboard) to have an indicator like this:
custom number - (sum values column A)?

Ex: 100,000 - (sum column A)

Hello @AleRun .

Monday dashboards “draw” data from the boards and as such do not perform calculations like the one you are asking for.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com