Do 3rd Party apps have access to private boards (or private columns in public boards)?

If I have some columns for phone numbers and email addresses listed as private (“restricted view”). Do 3rd party apps have access to this information? Same question for entire boards listed as private.

After upgrading my account to PRO I noticed when installing a new app that I noticed the following:

On, XYZ app will be able to: Read all of your boards data

Just curious. I couldn’t find any clarification on this anywhere else.

hi @k9cloud

Welcome to the community! We have broad experience with building 3rd party apps and this is how it work from the permissions side of things.

Either the app has it’s own authentication, asking you for your credentials, or the app uses so called shortLivedTokens. If it is using it’s own authentication it depends if the user that authenticated has access to the column. If the app uses shortLivedTokones, the app runs under the credentials of the user that added the integration to your board. The user is shown in your integrations (see below)

If that user is declined to read that column (column permissions) the app won’t be able to read it to.

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