Docs are unusably slow

It takes 15-20 seconds for us to do anything on workdocs, even just hitting enter to start a new line in a bullet list. Internet speed is 108.4 Mbps download, 11.8 Mbps upload using Chrome.

We spent a ton of time building out our system to manage status docs within Monday for our clients and it will be a significant lift to move them back out from Monday into Google Docs so I’m really hoping for a fix, but this is killing our workflow.

For reference we have text only files, no integrations into our doc or images, gifs etc.


While I don’t know if it will fix it, have you tried ensuring that chrome extensions are all turned off? Most extensions have to reprocess the page whenever there is a change. If you have many extensions, those could be slow downs in the browser.

This is because the way Docs work, pressing enter creates new structures within the page that extensions my process.

Not ideal but may help you identify if one extension is causing significant issues. Many extensions also have configuration to exclude sites, so it may be possible to turn them off on, esp. if they aren’t providing any benefit.

I’m only mentioning this because I am not experiencing anything like what you are. Everything is instant for me. Although, my internet is 900/250. The way docs works, the sending of updates to the backend should not be affecting the real-time editing that is why I’m wondering about extensions.

Having the same issue around here.
We rely on workdocs to take notes on really fast paced meetings.

Any news on this? @CXS

Same issues here. With every added doc it gets slower and laggier.

Guess it’s something that happens for time to time. My issue in November ended the same day or the next, and yesterday it was a bit sluggish for me as well.

Could be server related?
@Julietteb @BiancaT any info on this?

One of my users is having a very similar problem. I notice a bit of slowness/delay when I work in Monday Docs but it is useable. His is easily 10-15 seconds to recognize any character input and often just doesn’t register his keystrokes. Anyone found a solution to this?

I have the same problem, did you solve it?

Same problem so slow

any updates on this that anyone has seen? We are having the same issue and it is rather annoying.