DocuSign x integration error

I’m having issues with my x DocuSign integration. An error message notice says: “An error occurred while creating the integration to DocuSign. This may be because your DocuSign account does not have the required permissions (or your trial period has ended).”

We are paid subscribers to DocuSign (not trial users). Can anyone please let me know where I update the permissions in DocuSign to fix this error? Thanks


I’m having the same issue. @Cate_G, any luck?

Hi WMTCjp, it turns out you need the DocuSign Business Pro plan for the integration to work (we only have the Standard plan). What plan do you have?

Hi! I’m having the same issue. I have a business Pro Plan with Docusign and the integration is not working. I’m able to see the envelope in the item view and have all the right columns but can’t complete the integration. Have you had any luck?

I am having the same issue.
We put in a ticket to monday and they replied with this:
We have found the source of your issue and will upload a fix in the next few days.

The problem was due to a large number of envelopes associated with the user which exceeded the 30 day limit for the Connect.
We scan for a way to avoid this issue but until a new version is launched, I suggest splitting the envelopes to multiple users.

I do not think that is the issue since at the point of error no docusign info has been inputed