Email/Activities in Updates Tab - Gmail integration that pick up alias emails

I have connected my gmail account, we have Google Workspace - Business Standard accounts. I have a few alias emails within my account.

I’m wanting to send an email via Emails and Activities tab in updates but would like to choose to reply as one of my alias emails. Is this possible within here or does anyone know a work-around?

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Hi @keu_ask - Welcome to the community! I am not aware of any way to reply as a Gmail alias instead of your main connected email account. However, I am going to take this excellent question back to our contact at monday․com who manages the Email & Activities part of the product and see what he says. I’ll follow up here with what I find out.

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Oh thanks heaps @PolishedGeek appreciate that! This would definitely unlock a little more power for for the Email & Activities.

Hey @keu_ask,

There’s actually a way to do this using Integromat. I use it regularly. I can shoot a quick video tomorrow on how it’s done if you’d like. Here’s the video on how to set up the Integromat Integration when you want to send HTML-Based Emails:

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Oh thanks, look forward to seeing how to do! Really gonna pull together the workflow I’m trying to create. Thanks heaps!

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Ask, and you shall receive!

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Bro you are a legend! This is so helpful. I’m gonna set me up a integromat account and will start trying a few things out. Will update you with what I build out! Thanks heaps mate!

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@keu_ask, Thanks, brotha!

Let me know if you need any additional advice while using #integromat!

Just posting for the follow up. My team is desperately in need for this feature as well.

@Anjo, does my solution work for you in the meantime? If not, what would need to be different?

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Just coming through with an update on how im going.

Your solution is working perfectly. I have setup the following integrations that use my email alias with Gmail.

  1. I have setup a automation exactly like yours in you tutorial. This I use as a way to update clients on any tasks/tickets they currently have with me.
  2. I have setup a Welcome email to be sent once a status is changed to Done.

Both of these are working well. I dont have too much data going through so I think the Integromat plan should be sweet for its use.

Thanks heaps mate!

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No Problem! Let me know if you need anything else of the sorts!


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For sure mate! Thanks again.

After being introduced to Integromat, I can see alot of custom use cases for it in Monday and more so thanks heaps for the introduction to it.

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