Emails and activities to mirrored fields

Hi all,

im just getting my head around emails and stuff.

what i have is an insurance policy board, with the details of the policy. it lists the policy owners (which are mirrored contacts board from another board).

for the email addresses, i am using a mirrored field and its bringing across both emails (where there is more than one policy owner).

but when i click on the row for the policy, it does not pop up the option to email, like it does in the contacts board (where the emails reside).

what are the options here? i want to be able to send a templated email to all policy owners when an anniversary comes up, but need it to let me.


Hello @AlanBorthwick ,

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Two issues that you have.

Firstly, I assume you are using one of the native integration recipes to send your emails. The mirrored email column is not “detected” by the recipe, and that is the reason why the email is not getting sent.

Secondly, if you are trying to send mails to more than one recipients, that is feature of the monday CRM product, which I assume you are not using.

If the problem is only the first one, let me know because I can help. Otherwise, you would need to purchase the monday CRM product.

Hope this helps,
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

I am on the Monday CRM.

correct i am not using one of the native email auto items. i wanted to be able to send a template email but not automatically just in case the client has contact us about the policy already, id prefer to not have it send emails on my behalf without me clicking send. at least until we have the system worked out.

but im open to all ideas and options.

You do have the CRM, so I think I grasped what the problem is.

By choosing multiple items, you can use the CRM’s mass email option, and also choose a template for this.

However, via the mirror you can have multiple emails in one item/line.

This does not work with the mass email.

One way that comes to mind to resolve this, you would need to set up an integration for the emails to be sent on the board that you mirror, have the trigger as a status change, and then mirror that status to the other board.

Hope this helps!


yeah thats a bit complicated :slight_smile:

Currently if i open up the emails and activities screen and it autopens a new email it has been suggesting both emails from the combined mirror, so it sort of works.

just not as elegant as a mass email.

surprised they are not allowing this. i would have thought you could select which column you wanted and im surprised it cannot recognise a mirrored email as still an email.

thanks for the help.