Expanded Workspace Naming Scheme

In the fall the Monday.com introduced single a letter naming schemes to workspaces. This has created complications across departments in two organizations I am a part of personally. It is not intuitive, there are times when workspaces start with the same letter and therefore there is duplication, and the solution to hoover over the icon is a serious barrier to use for many team members.

This issue was identified in the FAQ Forum: HELP: How do I get my workgroups expanded again? - FAQs - monday Community

Agreed. The current UI really does not work for us.

Hope Monday.com start listening and re-visit this new design. (They’ve already stated elsewhere that they won’t). The old design worked fine.


Monday just released a huge improvement - and yes, you can read the names again! Here’s a video clip showing you the before and after. It’s in monday labs - New Workspace dropdown navi...

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This is an improvement, thank you for flagging!

Is there a possibility of pinning/favoriting workspaces in the drop down menu rather than having “resent workspaces”? And allowing reordering of workspaces within this menu?

Basically still trying to replicate the old functionality, even with the additional step of drop down rather than clicking the name directly.

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I’ll ask and see if that’s on the roadmap, not sure since this just came out. Stay tuned…

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