Feature Request: markdown or code formatting in Updates

I run a web development shop and just started using Monday this week. When I’m posting an Update, I would really like the option to use Markdown formatting. This would be useful for a number of reasons, but here’s one example. My team and I often share code snippets and these get posted in Updates. When we put code in an Update, the tab spacing gets stripped. Markdown would totally solve this with the back ticks for code formatting.
Alternatively, adding some code formatting buttons to the editor would work too (code block and inline code). But I think allowing markdown would be more flexible.

+1000 !!!

Dev’s using Monday hate it because , no markdown support. Please add.

Ugh yea I feel you guys for sure
Quick wordaround is to CNTRL + ALT +SHIFT+C in slack and then copy and paste into the update

for some reason that makes monday recognize it as a code block


1000% - This is turning into a deal breaker for us with monday FAST. We would LOVE a code block or code snippet feature.

Markdown exists in the community editor for Monday, just not Monday itself :man_shrugging:

Indeed. This community section is built on Discourse, which has supported this from the start.

But this is really becoming a difficult thing for my team. We’re an agency and (like many) development is a large part of what we do. Even non-developers are used to using `backticks` in-line for formatting thanks to Slack, which has also supported this since day one. We sometimes even just use backticks anyway for our own clarity of communication, even though they do nothing in Monday.

Being able to do this in blocks with the standard MD triple-backticks would be pretty nice too.

I think language-specific formatting would be a stretch goal and I wouldn’t let it hold up getting this very important feature out. Just simply having the generic block-formatting would be a huge improvement.

Application called Teamwork supports markdown.

After switching to Monday I really miss it.

Markdown would be an amazing feature.