Filter a Dashboard/Table Widgets/Boards from another Dashboard Widget

We are currently looking to build a dashboard widget that allows for the the user to search for a value, then display information based off that search. The other part of this is that we would like to filter the table widget’s and the corresponding boards inside the table widgets to this value. The idea being that we display surface layer information, then the user can look at the boards for more specific information.

Currently to accomplish this we have to manually go to the Quick Filter and individually set each board to be that value. With up to 6-8 boards in the dashboard, this can be quite troublesome, especially when wanting to search a few times in a row.

I have tried to use monday.get to be able to see these filters, then in turn use monday.set to set them programmatically but was unsuccessful. Was hoping to get some help with how I could accomplish this. I would be happy to programmatically set each board to be the new filter or to just set it once for the dashboard, whatever works.

Thank you!

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I am not sure I understand exactly what your app does and what you are trying to achieve. Would it be possible for you to send a screen recording of your app and showing what you want to achieve in it? Please remember not to include any sensitive information.

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Apologies my message wasn’t clear, I have added a screenshot below and think explaining with that might help. We are currently building the application so I can’t show a screen recording.

Our Dashboard Widget is the Search Box above the two Table Widgets. The user is expected to search for something in that box, then some information on their search will appear directly below the Search Box (this is done through Monday’s GraphQL queries so the search will be for items in tables and the resulting information is also gotten through Monday’s GraphQL).

It would be best if we could then filter the two Table Widgets below our Desktop Widget. To do this manually we use the Filter button in the top right of the screenshot, but I am looking to do it using the Monday’s SDK so all widgets will be in sync.

Hello again,

Thank you for that explanation. I think I got what you meant.

You want to use the native filters but you want for those filters to be from to the boards that the user selected inside your dashboard widget. So if the original dashboard has board A, the filters show filtering options for board A, but if after that, the user selects in the widget boards B and C, the filters should show filtering options for boards A, B and C.

If that is the case, it can’t be done as of today since you can not add boards to a dashboard via API or SDK and the native filters work with boards that are added to the dashboard.

You could create your own filtering in your view, but it would only affect your widget and not the actual dashboard your widget is at.

I hope this helps!


The boards will already be selected in the table widget. We are looking to control the native filtering through API for the table widget/boards already on the page.

Is it possible to control that native filtering through Monday’s API/SDK?

Hello again @MattD,

It is not possible as of today to control the native filtering via API or SDK.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


Thank you for the info. We will have to plan how to build this widget then.

Hey @MattD,

If you run into any issues or if you have specific questions about the API or the apps framework, you can always contact us at and we will be glad to help you :slightly_smiling_face: