Filter Inverse using "NOT"?

Is there a way to filter items using “NOT” or some similar expression to filter inversely? For example, if a particular Person column has 3 people: Person A, Person B, and Person C; is there a way to quickly select everyone except for Person A?

Hey @robzinn thanks for your question! At the moment, there is no specific way to do this in the platform, though I do see how it could be useful.

Would you mind telling me more about your workflow and how this would impact it?

I’d love to pass this along!


Using the filter by everything function on a board (or other places like dashboards where it’s available), if you Shift-click an item in the filter selections window, it will do what you want - inverse filter. In your example, if you Shift-click on Person A, the filter results will show all items that do not include Person A. See the [Select all options “except”] section of this board filters support page You can also do this for multiple “Not” selections in the filter.

YES! That is what I needed. So great that Monday thought of it! Too bad same question posed to support returned “you can’t do that”.