Flle Gallery /w Client Folders: Do clients see other client folders? Need privacy

I am creating a file gallery where we will have folders for each client, where they can upload files and download assets we’ve placed there for them. It’s critically important that each client not be able to see other clients as some of them are competitors. Is this possible? Thank you.

Hey @Monday_com,

Are you able to elaborate on how these files are being uploaded/how the process works? For example, is each client uploading the file via the files column for the specific item? This will help us ascertain which permissions might be most relevant :pray:

Via File Gallery.

Thanks for clarifying and I sincerely apologise for the delay in getting back to you - it seems I completely missed your reply here :pray:

I am afraid the only way to achieve this in the board would be through Item Viewing Permissions, which is a feature specific to our Enterprise plan. This would also rely on your clients having access to the monday.com account - Item viewing permissions .

Is this along the lines of what you’d be looking for?