Formula for a resumed status based on 5 auxiliary status columns

I have a board for daily checking of our vehicle fleet. We have 5 status columns that are filled via forms with these possible values: Good- With observations - Bad

I need to notify the vehicle boss when something is bad or observed, but i dont want the boss to be notified by every status column (if 5 status are observed or bad, the boss will be receiving 5 notifications, 5 emails etc). I need to get a “result” in a form of a status or a text column (anything).

Question is:
what columns or apps (like general caster) to use with formulas, to get just 1 (one) notification for each form everytime that one or many statuses are observed (yellow) or bad (red).

My board

My workaround failed, because i planned to use one formula column for each status and with a final formula column get this resume status. With this formula result, i was planning to cast via “general caster” app the result to a status, and trigger the notification.

Problem is general caster work with formulas, but not with formulas that already calculates with other formulas inside), so these is not viable.

The formula for each column individual result was:
IF({Sist.Eléc.}=“Correcto”,1,IF({Sist.Eléc.}=“Observado”,10,IF({Sist.Eléc.}=“Mal estado”,100,0)))

So i was assigning a value for 1 if green, 10 if yellow and 100 if its bad.
Then, in the final column if the sum of all 5 columns was 5 or lower, all status are green,
if result is higher than 6 and lower or equal than 50 there are some status yellow.
if result is more than 50 i will know that are red ones status selected.
Casting this last formula to a status will let me trigger notifications.
IF(({Col1}+{Col2}+{Col3}+{Col4}+{Col5})<=5, 1, IF(({Col1}+{Col2}+{Col3}+{Col4}+{Col5})<=50, 2, IF(({Col1}+{Col2}+{Col3}+{Col4}+{Col5})<=500, 3, 0)))

Formula works good, but general caster doesnt recognice this five auxiliary formula columns… so none result is casted…