General Caster is here. Get rid of formula columns!

No updates on this, @Yu1992


Not sure if this has been asked before:

I’ve got number columns within subitems that I’m showing summary on parent item, and they cast as A+B instead of the summary.

Is there a workaround for this? My General Caster formula is just {item.subitems_cost}.


The + sign is used as delimiter when multiple results are returned, in this case 100 and 200.
You need to split them and sum the single values.


Thanks. I figured that would be solution but couldn’t find a split or separate function in the list of available ones: Excel functions (by category) - Office Support

So I did some digging and I don’t think this can be accomplished dynamically without the use of EVALUATE which obviously isn’t available in General Caster. Now if I always had a set number of numbers separated by delimiters sure, but if that number changes any LEFT, RIGHT or MID formula doesn’t work.

Can you think of another way this could work in the case where the number of numbers separated by delimiters isn’t a static amount?


@andrewalmand Can you send me a screenshot of your GC integration with focus on formula field?
Maybe I have a solution for you.

Thanks @rob

I was actually able to solve this issue with Integromat and calculating the SUM(SPLIT( there.

BUT I ran into another issue that you’ve addressed here before, SubItems. What I really need is to be able to run GC formulas within subitems. I’m curious if you have an ETA on subitem support?

@andrewalmand What GC integration you used that gave you the 100+200 result?
We are working to add support for subitems with count/sum/average/min/max results but at the moment they are not supported yet, so I was wondering how did you get the result.

Here you go! Let me know if you need more info.

That’s enough at the moment, thanks.
I’ll keep you posted.


Funny, now I actually want to use the delimiter to my advantage.

So I’ve got a set of numbers separated by “+” AND I’ve got a set of text from dropdown also separated by “+”.

How can I combine them, in order of separation by the delimiter? For example:

Numbers: 100+200+300
Text: A+B+C
Result: 100A 200B 300C

Something like that. Thoughts?

@andrewalmand It’s like a puzzle :slight_smile:
I suggest you to take a look at this page: Split text into different columns with functions - Office Support

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So I got this formula working in Excel, but getting an error in Monday:
#Not Yet Implemented#Not Yet Implemented


=TEXTJOIN(", “,FILTERXML(”"&SUBSTITUTE({item.text},"+","")&"","//b")&FILTERXML(""&SUBSTITUTE({item.text_1},"+","")&"","//b"))

Error seems pretty self explanatory, but do you know when it will be implemented? Or is there another way to write this formula so it works with the current General Caster? Thanks!

@andrewalmand You are a pro in Excel formulas! :grinning:
Unfortunately you caught one of the few unsupported functions.
General Caster relies on PhpSpreadsheet library.
Here’s the complete list of functions currently available:

Was General Caster experiencing any downtime lately?
I have simple formula to set hourly rate based on person. From some time now I’m seeing problems with this integration working properly. It didn’t fire every time. Right now it’t not working.

Hey @t.maciag
General Caster is up and running.
Anyway AFAICS your formula is not correct.
{item's Contractor} is not a valid column reference. Please remove it and click on the button of the corresponding column below to get the correct reference.

@rob When I click “Contractor” from list below formula, I get “{item’s Contractor}”.
However in regular Monday formula column, I can select options from person field like ids, names e.g. {Contractor#Names}. I tried to use names in my switch formula in Caster, but with no luck.

I figured it out.
It seems that General is not supporting my original formula “When status changes to something, perform formula and cast to field”. You can’t add it when creating new formula, so I changed trigger to something different.
I also had to change details in switch formula, because People field gets different output in Caster.

Hey @rob or anyone can help me here:

I need to do some simple functions and i dont know what im doing wrong in this new version.

To resume:

  • I have a resume column from a number subitems column named “Actual kilometers” using the MAX function to retrieve the last value registered.
  • In the parent item i have a number column named “Next Service kilometers”

I have a formula column that doesnt seem useful right now with this GC versión, but it does what i want to achieve:

IF(({Next Service kilometers}-{Actual kilometers})<500, “Service Approaching”, 0)

The purpose of this, is to cast the result to a status column “Service Approaching” that will trigger a notification to the vehicle owner.

So, here i am: :pensive:

Subitems are not supported by General Caster.

Hi @rob quick question: I need to base permissions in “board 2” based on a people column that’s actually coming from a “board 1”.
I wanted to use the General Caster for this purpose.

Whenever any column changes, I’ll have my people column in board 2 reflect the value of the people column in board 1.
Please see screenshot below.

This doesn’t seem to work as the people column on board 2 remains empty. Is what I’m trying to do supported at all?

Hey @freek-gcompany
Please make sure you are casting to people column using the correct format:

Before casting to the final column, use a temp Text column to check what’s the formula output: