General Caster is here. Get rid of formula columns!

It will be supported some time in your roadmap?

@hlopezvc Actually, though not directly supported, General Caster supports the subitems summary column in the item row.

Hi @rob thanks. I noticed that, but when i require the MAX value for this resume, General Caster avoid my choice and cast the TOTAL SUM value of every subitem. Maybe its something that could be fixed.

General caster is installed on our Monday account, and I’ve used it before successfully. Today it won’t load when I try to add a new integration - I click on the integration to add and it just redirects me to the board without doing anything. Anyone have advice?

Hey @oboothhowe
It seems a widespread problem, common to all integrations. devs are looking into it.

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@oboothhowe Issue after redirection to backToUrl - #4 by AlexSavchuk

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General Caster now supports some useful functions to work with subitems and mirrored columns:

Functions are:

  • SUBITEMS.MIN({item's Order Amount}) will retrieve the lowest amount in all subitems;
  • SUBITEMS.MAX({item's Order Amount}) will retrieve the highest amount in all subitems;
  • SUBITEMS.SUM({item's Product Price}) will retrieve the total price in all subitems;
  • SUBITEMS.COUNT({item's Product SKU}) will retrieve the number of products all subitems.

Similar functions are available for mirrored columns: MIRROR.MIN, MIRROR.MAX, MIRROR.SUM and MIRROR.COUNT.

Happy Casting!

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Hi! I’m trying to get GC to work, all I get is 0.

I have a board with multiple time tracking columns, and a totalling formula cell.
i’m trying to replace the formula with a GC formula:
SUM({item’s Person1’s Time Tracking}, {item’s Person2’s Time Tracking}, {item’s Person3’s Time Tracking})
But it always returns 0. Is this because it is readonly and/or in seconds?
Has anyone done work with time tracking and General Caster that could assist?

Hey @george_planit
Please take a look at General Caster documentation.
Time Tracking column is readonly and content is in seconds.
I suggest you to temporary cast result into a Text column to check what’s actually calculated.
Anyway you can use a simple operation with + to sum the values.

Hi all,
we have just released General Caster v2 with new triggers and new actions!

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Hey @rob

I was wondering if you can help with a formula please.

This formula is currently running on Monday but as its a formula I cant auto email the data to our team. So Monday have suggested using your app.

I have a IF statement running for 5x creative types can I run this formula like I do in Monday or do I need to set up 5x automations?

If I load just one this is the example formula -

IF({item’s Creative URN}=“urn:li:sponsoredCreative:141796483”,“Digital Workshops”)

But it’s outputting nothing and I can’t figure out why

Hope you can help.

Thank you.

PS I am using When Creative URN changes, perform formula and cast results to Enquiry Type

General Caster v2.1 is now available with three new integrations to cast formula results into item name.

We never stop to add new integrations to General Caster!
A new auto-increment recipe is now available in GCv2.2.

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 18.02.34

Hi @rob
I’m trying use GC to split text in an email column so that I can extract only the last part of the address in a text column like this: will be extracted as in another text column. I currently use this formula:

RIGHT({item’s Email}, LEN({item’s Email})-FIND("@", {item’s Email}))
TRIM(MID({item’s Email}, SEARCH("@", {item’s Email})+1,9999))

This works fine, but the result also include the original email address after a colon, like this:

My goal is to extract only “” without the “”.

If I make the email column a normal text column, this does not happen.
How can this be fixed when using an email column? Is there a formula that can delete the last part of the result (
Anyone have advice?

Hi @rob i would like to copy an email from a mirrored email column to a email column. Could you give me the formula? It it possible? I understood from documentation that this would work but doesnt:
“{item’s Email}:{item’s Email}”

Hey @Sjurd
That’s a tricky question! lets you specify a name for a given email address. If no name is set, email address is used, so that’s why querying the email column you get

So you should repeat your formula to extract again online the part at the left of the semicolon char.

Hey @elena
first of all cast {item’s Email} into a temp text column to check what’s actually retrieved.

If you see something like name, just cast it into the email column.

If you see something like, you need to convert it into the correct format with CONCATENATE function:

CONCATENATE({item’s Email}, ":", {item’s Email})

Thanks @rob !
I added a new column and extracted a second time as you suggested. It works fine!
I found out that does the same for the link column.
If there’s another workaround, please let me know, but for now this will do the job.

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Just use a temp text column to check what’s actually retrieved. You can avoid to use it if you build one single formula that does the two steps in a single operation (and you don’t waste your GC monthly ops threshold).

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General Caster feels so robust and intuitive that it should be a part of the core experience, in my opinion. I was surprised that I had to utilize a third-party app in order to set up some automations that I felt were rather basic, but General Caster made a lot of those really easy. Are there any plans to integrate with natively whether it be the app being bought or selling the app to them?