Get YouTube Comments Listed for any Channel - Blueprint Attached

Imagine a world where you never miss a beat on your interested YouTube channel! :tada: Thanks to the magic of, I’ve set up a mind-blowing scenario that turns every new comment into an organized masterpiece for any Youtube channel that you prefer! :man_mage::sparkles:

  1. :eyes: Watch for New Comments:
  • Activate the magic with the “Watch New Comment of Any YouTube Channels” spell. Now, your system keeps an eye out for any fresh comments on your YouTube videos. :man_mage::eye:
  1. :mag: Find the Video Link:
  • When a new comment appears, the system automatically searches for the video link using the “Search” wand from :man_detective::globe_with_meridians:
  1. :speech_balloon: Create a Subitem Spell:
  • With the video link in hand, a new comment is conjured as a neat subitem, seamlessly attaching itself to the video. No more chaos, just organized comments! :magic_wand::bulb:
  1. :rocket: Let the Magic Unfold:
  • Sit back and enjoy as your YouTube comments transform into an orderly collection of subitems. The whole process is automated, leaving you with more time for the things you love! :tea::relieved:
  1. :star2: Share the Easy Magic:
  • Spread the word about this enchanting automation. Your community will love the simplicity of turning comments into neatly organized content. :loudspeaker::sparkles:

Welcome to the world of easy YouTube comment management, thanks to the simplicity of! :rainbow::rocket:

The Blueprint for the scenario has been attached for your reference:

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Wow! This is going to be a game-changer for so many users! :exploding_head:

Absolutely. Thanks for your feedback.