Getting a list of item names from Monday and pushing them into a single Slack message

Having a bit of trouble with this one, so hoping one of the brains trust can help!

I’m looking to set up some automation which would ideally look at a list of items in a board at 8am every Thursday which have the Status “New” and the Project Type “A” and then push them out into a single Slack message.

I’ve found that I can just about do this individually but I’d much prefer to merge them all into one easy to read Slack message - is there a solution out there for this? I’ve been looking at Zapier too and I’m not sure it’s possible there either.

Hello @TristanP!

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I believe you could achieve this by:

Using a built-in trigger that is triggered every Thursday at 8 AM on your server and is connected to a custom action that queries for the items with “New” in the status column, retrieving the information you want to send in the Slack message + the information of the column that holds the project types. Then in your server you could check which of the retrieved items have the type “A” as a value for that column and then send the retrieved data from those items to Slack via Slack’s API in one message.

Please let me know if this could work for you. And if you have any further questions about it, you can reach us at

Hope this helps!