Guests can edit and add items via dashboard widgets?

Hi guys,
So I shared a dashboard with one of my customers as a guest, and was hoping this is a view only access.
Turned out, my customer can add/ edit/ remove items!

Is this by design? Am I missing anything as by the documentation it should be view-only access :confused:

Hi, this should not be avaliable for guest in any way…

What is “this”?

Customers logged in as guests and can edit/ add new items

Hi @RyanBY - the permissions in dashboards follow from their source boards. If the source board is open to editing then the guest account will be able to make adjustments via the dashboard widgets.

Double check the permissions on the source board to ensure they are setup appropriately:

You can also hide columns in the source board if they should not be visible to your guests.

Check out this article for a full walkthrough.


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Cheers @mark.anley ,
but here is the thing - I want my guests (customers) to have view only access, and my coworkers to have full permissions to write/ update/ add/ delete items.

Is there a way to do that?

Hi @RyanBY - and here lies the monday permission conundrum. The best way to get around this would be to set the edit permissions on each column so only owners can adjust then set your coworkers to board owners. Then set the entire board to “write updates only”.

If you don’t want to set your coworkers as owners, you would want to do similar to the above but adjust the board permissions to “edit content”. The drawback with this is that your guests will still have the ability to add/delete items.


Wow, thumbs down Monday :frowning: