Have a file in one board appear as an update to an item in another board

I have created a Workform for property inspections, the results of which feed into a Ticket Board for maintenance/cleaning teams. When something in the property inspection ‘fails’ , 2 fields appear - one to describe the issue and one to upload a photo. The written issue appears on the Ticket Board as it’s own item but I can’t get the photo to do the same. Ideally, the photo would automatically appear as an update to the relevant item on the Ticket Board. Is this possible?

Hi There!

If I understand what you described correctly, you are looking for a way to capture the description and the photo of a maintenance issue. If this originates from a form, I would recommend having:

  • Inspection Status
  • Conditional: Fails > Description (Long Text) > Picture (File column).

This is the best set up to get these captured on the same associated line. This also enables your field people to use the monday app on their phone and take a picture directly in the app adding it to the file column if needed.

If this isn’t exactly what you are looking for always happy to demo and walk through what you are looking for! Feel free to reach out! mbuckiewicz@axanexa.com

Mike B
Automation Architect


Thank you for replying. What you suggested is actually already in place - as the form is quite long, I’ve set up an automation to move any “fails” to a separate board where we track Tickets.

When we upload tickets manually, we add photos to the updates/comments section of the item so that the relevant people can easily see everything in one place. I’d like the format to stay exactly the same when tickets are automatically generated from the Workform.

I’ve managed to get the long text description to appear as the “title” of the ticket but cannot find a way to get the corresponding photo to appear as a comment on that ticket. Maybe it’s not possible without some kind of add on…

Thank you again for helping with this!



I order for updates to show within the item, you have to use the Move Item automation in order for any updates to show up within the other board.

If you are tracking the photos in the file column of the board, you can copy that cell over and map it to another file column in the other board.

Either one will work depending on your workflow.

hope this helps!