Help Needed: Tracking Client Time in

Hello everyone,

My goal is to track client appointments in The first picture shows what I’ve done so far (integrated Outlook calendar and created a formula column to count the appointment duration).

Now, I’m looking for a simple way to see how much time we’re spending with different clients. Is there a widget or tool that can show how often a specific email appears on the board (in the ‘Attendees’ column) and also display the total time spent with each client (using the ‘Appt Duration’ column)? The second picture illustrates the type of overview I’m aiming for.

Thank you for all your comments and help! Merry Christmas to everyone!

You can do that. First you need to use dashboard to view total time for specfic person all over the board. Second time tracking could be done automatically depending on your use case using time tracking column.

If you would like to discuss in details let me know. Thanks