Help With Autoboost App/Integration

I am trying to create a project template where I have built a work flow with parent line dependencies where different status columns make automations to the dependents. Therefore it is critical that my status columns can be referenced in automations. Some parents lines have subitems and I understand that “rolling up” the status of sub items to a parent line cannot be used in an automation. I have been trying to use the autoboost app to fix this issue whereby when a mirror column changes, in this case my subitem status roll up changes, the new information in the mirror column is copied/sent/etc to a status column. So basically, when the mirror column says all subitems are 100% complete, put complete in this other column (which other dependencies are using via automations). Can anyone help with this? I think it’s very strange that mirror columns cant be used in automations. Seems like a basic functionality that should already exist.

Hi @Usernamegame - have you looked into Column Magic? We have used it to copy status values on change to mirror columns with the following recipe:


Hope this helps!

Thank you for this suggestion. Unfortunately, the mirror column I am using (a rollup of subitems statuses) isn’t a “compatible" column.