Hide the Main Table View Solution via JS/CSS & Perhaps Future App?

For those that are familiar with JS/CSS, there are ways to hide specific elements on a website.

On Chrome, specifically, I’ve had my team use the following extension:

I then added the following CSS

.monday-board-subsets-tabs .monday-board-subset-item-v2:nth-child(2) {
  display: none;

This makes it so that the **second HTML Div / view** gets hidden. I did this because I have an overview set as default... Now this code clearly hides the main table view for everyone. Not sure if an app can be made to apply this conditionally based on each user but the Chrome extension itself allows you to enable/disable the functionality.

I manually set this up on each team member's computer so they don't have access to the main view.

I'd like to see Monday have this as an official solution based on user roles.

Quick and easy solution, especially if they have it applied directly on their website for cross-browser support!
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Here’s what it looks like:

No more confusion with all the info placed within the Main Table view!

*Just remember to enable/disable it via the browser extension to edit the main table view.

Thanks for your contribution, @mrjberlin.
Anyway I think that there are more downsides than benefits in adopting this solution:

  • It works on Chrome only (and only on the clients browsers using the extension);
  • It’s prone to break, if the CSS classes or the HTML structure change in the future;
  • It could break other features (like JS functionalities) that rely on the layout;
  • It’s a change in the layout not officially supported or explicitly allowed by monday.

So my suggestion is to use this workaround only internally in your company.
In addition you should ask monday to add the possibility to extend the interface thru an official API.
In that case, it’s a +1 for me!

cc @dipro

I agree with you that a complete redesign of the header and view tabs is now urgent:

  • A more evident “Search” field, not lost among the buttons in the toolbar;
  • Hiding the main table;
  • Sorting the tabs (without the “Add to my favorites” workaround…)
  • Tabs resizing to fit the view title;
  • Avoiding tabs reposition beside the board title when you scroll.

Yes, definitely has some flaws but works for us internally as of now!

The same extension can be found for multiple browsers, but ideally we want it hard coded on Monday as an official option.

Oh, nevermind, I just figured it out and it works perfectly. Thanks!!