How can I allocate resources per project as a percentage of their total available workload

I want to be able to set the resource allocation at a higher level than man hours, so as to not have to update everything if a project extends. For example, ideally we’d be able to allocate “25%” of a persons time to a project. Irrespective of the project time. So as the project scope and timelines evolve, that 25% allocation stays and is reflected in the Workload chart as 25% utilisation for whatever the duration of the project becomes.

I can’t seem to do that at the moment unless Im missing something, it is still assuming an effort based value that is averaged over the duration of the project, rather than a % of the resources time each week for the duration of the project.

Does this functionality exist?

Hello @WayneVickers !

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Unless I am also missing something, I do not believe it is possible to allocate a % that dynamically changes if the projects scope changes.

I will look into this further and let you know if I find anything else.

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