How can I find and replace someone assigned to multiple tasks all at once?

I’m looking for a way to replace (for an entire project) a person. I have created fake people and would like to replace them with real resources now that we have the project ready to go (so SME should now be “katherine” EVERYWHERE that I have SME). Is there a way to find and replace people or do I manually have to go through each task and do it manually?

Hi @fwoodley - Use the Filter at the top of the project board to narrow down everything to the fake person you want to replace. Then click to select the first item, hold down the shift button and click on the last one. You should now have every single row assigned to that fake person highlighted. Then remove the fake person and assign the real one. Voila! Don’t forget to X out of the bulk editing mode by clicking the X in the bottom bar menu. Let me know if you need more help.


I’m going to try this today! Thank you so much.

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