How can I prevent Monday from creating duplicate labels when importing from Excel?

Hello - When I import from an Excel spreadsheet, I have labels called “SUBMITTED” and “PROCESSING” (for example.) In Monday, the corresponding status labels are “Submitted” and “Processing” - not all caps. On import, Monday creates new labels instead of using the ones already there, so I end up with “SUBMITTED” and “Submitted” etc… I read somewhere here that Monday isn’t really case-sensitive, so I’m not sure why it’s creating new labels for the all-caps version… Any ideas?

Hey Bonnie,

Is it possible for you to send over a screenshot so I can be sure I am accurately understanding what you’re referring to here? Are these column titles or values you’re referring to? Thank you in advance :pray:

Hello - I’ve actually solved the problem by changing all of the dropdowns in Excel so that the case of the words is the same on both platforms. So it seems there IS some case-sensitivity on Monday!

Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the update Bonnie! I am glad to hear that you were able to get around this on your end - nice work :muscle: That said, I will certainly be sharing this feedback with our internal team for future review!