How can I use column info with a tag in my Doc template

I have a Doc template. I want to use column info on a Doc without having it to type or insert as text. It must be filled with the column info when I open the template Doc. How can I do that?

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Hey Ton! For this, try using the Table Widget! :blush: Let me know how this goes!

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Thank you, I actually meant single column items, so I can do a kind of merging of a value of an item on defined places of the document. That’s the functionality apps like DocuGen offer with MS Word documents.

Hi @loovanloon
hope you are doing fine!
Can you please elaborate a bit more your use case and how would you benefit from such a feature?
Is there also any automation that would help you in this process?
Thank you

Think of it as a merge functionality. When I have a Monday doc column and open a doc I want to insert info from other columns into this doc like {item} {name} {date} column into the free text I type. The whole should be in a doc template I can reuse on every doc.


Date: {date}
Attending: {peoplecolumn}
Subject : {}

[ rest: all functionality of Monday doc, like H1 Text, TABLE etc ]


First three lines should be as template reusable.