How do i send values through zapier without creating a new column in monday?

I am sending new web leads to Monday via Zapier. I understand how to use columns to map where everything goes in Monday. What if i want to send values without creating a column? Can I send the values to an item card? can is send the items to a new view? What I am doing is very simple - New lead signs up on my website and they leave a note for me before submitting the form. I do not want to create a column for the note. I want to view the note after i click on the item/lead. Possibly in an item card or view. Creating a column for a paragraph long note is not the best place for a long note. Thanks!


The most commonly used method for this type of requirement is to put the additional text in an update on the item.


I would prefer to use the updates field for my own notes for the lead after the lead has arrived to monday. Is it possible to map the web form notes to an item card in zapier?

I would access zapier and look around myself but i am using my admins zapier account and they will set it up based on my feedback


There may be alternatives using something in the apps marketplace. However, with base monday I see 3 alternatives that you can access via the API (what Zapier uses to interface with monday): the updates, a text column, file added to a file column.

The last one, a file, could be created and attached to a file column. This might be your best alternative given the restrictions you’ve given.

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