How do you manage clients?

Question about client management.
We craft natural herbal supplements for business clients. We have several clients who request one to several products. Some products we already have formulated, and others we have to craft from scratch. For example, client A may request items 1 and 2, and client B may request items 3, 4 and 5.
I would like to notify the client by email when the status changes to “complete” so they know it will be arriving to them soon.
I’m not clear on how to manage client communication. Should I:

  1. Create one board (currently called Production Runs on our Monday account) add the products requested in separate rows (Client A wants 1 and 2 (these would be two rows); Client B wants product 3 and 4 and 5 (these would be 3 rows)) and include their email address as a field? Then create an automation that when the status changes it emails the client.
  2. Create a shareable board and invite ALL clients to it. We create a person field and assign the appropriate client to their rows so they can be notified when the status changes.
  3. Or is there a better option?
    I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible for our team so we enter as little info as possible for every product request and for the client to easily gather information about the products they requested.

Hey @ouroboros12321, great question! I would definitely recommend using option 1. if you are not looking to have clients edits the board and if you just want to communicate with them/notify them. You can use email integrations that will be triggered when the status changes to complete and autopopulate what they will be receiving based on the information you have in the item. You can do this autopopulating by clicking into the word “email” in the integration recipe.

Does that make sense? Feel free to write to us at for help with your specific use case.