How to package custom integrations/automations with workspace template?

Hi all,

I’m currently looking for the best way to perform deployments. Here is my use case:

  • I have a monday application built with the app framework. It has 1 feature which is a custom integration. In it I have all my custom monday recipes that allows advanced monday action through the GraphQLAPI. Lest call it app1.
  • I have another monday application, which has 1 feature: a workspace template. The workspace template uses the custom integration (app1) a lot. Lest call it app2.

So for deployment, I would like to have a way to install the workspace template (app2) with all my custom integration recipes from app1.
I’ve tried to first install app1 in a monday account and then to install app2. But none of the recipes from app1 (integrations or automations) were cross over during installation of app2.

I had to manually set all the automations/integrations in the installed workspace template (app2), which is tiedious and error prone.

Is there anyway that I can install app2 with the recipes from app1 ? (I would prefer to keep them separate since app1 could be used in another workspace template app3)


Hello there @guidou4,

That sounds strange. I just tested it and it is working well for me.

What I did:

  1. I created app 1
  2. I added an integration feature for app 1
  3. I added a recipe and saved
  4. I went to a board and added the recipe
  5. I created app 2
  6. I added a workspace template with the board in which the recipe (from app 1) was added
  7. I saved
  8. I went to the app 1 configuration page and promoted the version to live
  9. In app 1’s configuration page I went to the “share” section, accepted the terms and copied the link
  10. I installed app 1 in another account
  11. I went to app 2’s configuration page and promoted the app’s version to live
  12. I clicked on “share” accepted the terms and copied the link
  13. I installed app 2 in the same account as where I installed app 1
  14. I added the workspace from the template I created in app 2
  15. I checked the board and the recipe from app 1 was there (it took a few seconds to appear)

Are you doing something in a different way?