How to reference the creation date in a formula?

I found {Creation Log#DateTime} describe in issue 41754, but when saving the formula it show the error “A column named “Creation Log#DateTime” doesn’t exist in this board.

Since this value is not part of the spreadsheet I expect to reference it, but I can’t find it.

The goal is to get the number of months since an item was created. Can anyone tell me the syntax to use?

Hi Rob,

Did you add a column of type “Creation Log” to your board?

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Yes, there are two columns: one with the person that created the issue, and one with the date it was created.

If you simply insert the column, without #DateTime, does it allow you to save the formula?
So that you know, it works on my boards (both with and without #DateTime, although I don’t see any difference as far as the result I get with #DateTime).

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The error was cause by something else in the formula, calling rounddown() without the second parameter:

ROUNDDOWN(DAYS(TODAY(), {Created}) / 30)

Adding a second parameter fixed it. Referencing the column name like {name} works.