How to set the working days to Monday-Saturday?

Is there a way to change the business days to Monday-Saturday on When I hide weekends I want to hide only the Sunday. And the same will be considered when using formula.

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Hey @donaldcornel, good question! At the moment the only options for business days are Monday-Friday or Sunday-Thursday.

Feel free to write to and we can see if there are any work arounds that would help given your use case.


This is because there are lots of companies in the Philippines having Mon-Sat working days. Hope there should be a flexibility on setting business hours and local holidays as well.

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Hi ,
I am having the same issue. We need this as well, as well as holidays (manuel set up woud be good as well). I am working a lot with functions and I was trying to somehow get it right.
WORKDAYS obv. doesnt work that well as Saturday isnt in it. Buy can you do someting like DAYS({Date1}, {Date2}) - SUNDAY (or anything like this?). Would be good to have every weekday set as a usable parameter (mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun maybe).
Maybe even something like IF(Date.incl sun - 1).
Hope you can yet help us.

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You mention you hide weekends, where and how have you been able to populate a weekend?
Our team only works Monday to Friday so I’m trying to do something similar and stop time tracking if the weekend has started.

Many thanks

Hey @Eisbaer99 ,

in a formula you can use WORKDAYS instead of DAYS. This excludes Saturday + Sunday.

Ah ok, yes I’ve already used this in a formula but then I’m unable to reference the field in an automation - I was hoping it was a setting somewhere.

Thank you

Maybe try and use the General Caster App in the Monday App Marketplace. Dw, its free.
There you have an automation called “When any column changes, perform existing formula and cast the result to column”. This way you can cast formula results to actual columns that can be used in automations.
I have made it work in some cases but if it gets too complex it sometimes bugs, I hope it checks out for your use.