I can't use mirrored columns in automations anymore

Hello, there. I’m having a big problem here regarding automations and mirrored columns. I’m no longer allowed to select mirrored status columns to trigger automations, and it was working fine until a couple weeks ago.


When i click the mirror column “Status Negócios” for example, the automation window simply ignores my input and selects the next column in the list (in this example, “Tipo”). I’m afraid this can break some of our client’s workflows.

Anyone also experiencing this? Thanks in advance.

Same problem here. But I am not even able to see the mirrored status columns.


I also have problems with mirrored columns now, including that I can’t use them for filtering the board.
Grateful for any suggestions


This error is already well known. Search for “mirror columns” and you will see some related posts.

It seems that when monday needs to pull information between mirrored boards with more than 2 links there is a problem.

Imagine the following scenario:

board 1

  • Column 1

board 2

  • Link Column 2 (Board 1)
  • Mirror Column 3 (= Column 1)

board 3

  • Link Column 4 (Board 2)
  • Mirror Column 5 (= Mirror Column 3).

In this scenario, it will not be possible to filter by Mirror Column 5 on board 3 nor make any reference to this column.

See this

Thanks @lindosl , that’s exactly what I was trying to do. I guess I’ll have to re-engineer my board set up. Appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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I went through the same thing. :smiling_face_with_tear:

If you find any solution or alternative I would love to know.

Thanks for your time to answer, @lindosl. Except this was working earlier with single level, single board connections and now i can’t even select it… This worries me a lot.

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I have the same problem, and it appears that it is unrelated to how many times I have used the same column to be mirrored.
So even if there is only 1 mirroring ongoing, I cannot see the mirrored status in the automation section.

Hi everyone!

I have been able to find a work around some situations!

Some of the pre-made recipes allow for you to choose mirror status! This is one that I use pretty often:

This also works really well for triggers using a status for other automations. For example if you wanted to use this:

You would use the first recipe and then have the second recipe be triggered by the status column that is being changed by the first recipe on the board.

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