Importing creation time

Hello community.

I am trying to migrate my database from Airtable to
My database is a CRM. So, it is very important for me to keep my deals creation date from my previous database to
I notice that the has a “Creation log” field that is really cool. There is any way that I can import my creation date to this creation log?

A workaround that I just realized is:
1 - create a field called: “Creation date”
2 - Import my old database “creation date” to this new created field in the step 1.
3 - set an automation to every time a new deal entry is created, update my “creation date” field with this “Creation log” info.

This is a workaround that is not enough for me. Once the “Creation log” already exists and works, I don’t want to make a workaround.

Tks in advance.

Hi @mattoleiro

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately the creation log can’t be update through the API, so there are no integrations possible that write / modify this creation column. I guess the second best is to create a date/time column on the board and write the creation date/time from your database into that column.

See also: Column Types Reference

Columns that don’t support update via the API

You cannot update the following columns:

  • Progress tracking column
  • Auto number column
  • Item ID column
  • Last updated column
  • Creation log column
  • Formula column