Improve access management, increasing security and preventing incidents.


My name is Dias, I am a cybersecurity specialist, and I am the coordinator of a cyber session.

I want to suggest increasing security and access control.
First, I want to contextualize and share with you a simple but efficient way to manage access on Monday, segregating access for each frame created.

Today it is possible to create teams, so it is possible to create two access groups GA_Editing and GA_Viewing, thus releasing both access groups (Teams) for the boards, then it is possible to restrict column editing and release access, only to those who can edit , but here’s the problem. When a column has the editing restriction activated, it is only possible to allow users to edit, this in a table with several columns is very difficult to manage.

My suggestion is: When managing column instructions, it would be important to have the option to also add GA_Editing and GA_Viewing teams and not just users, as is done today.

The suggestion is simple, but functional, not to mention that it improves and helps with access management, preventing possible security incidents.