Improvements on Time tracking column

Hi. Monday is such and incredible product and the fact that time tracking and summaries doesn’t work in any useful way is a MAJOR PAIN POINT.

To get around the fact that 2 people can’t log to the same task, we just duplicate the task and assign one person to each copy of it. This creates an issue with comments not threading because each person has their own copy of the task. Our team creates what we call a “SUPER TASK” which we put in all caps and use ONLY for comments.

My biggest pain point is that I pay people by the hour. At the end of the day, while people can see the summary of time tracked in a dashboard, if the summary looks off there is no way to see the various tasks that were logged to that day which roll up into the summary. You can see a list of all tasks that were logged to BUT if that task also was logged to on another day it shows that time too… so it gets confusing.

I think with the Enterprise Level perhaps the Pivot feature allows data to be seen any way that we want but it’s a very $$$ level to pay. Time tracking and summaries with details is pretty basic. Every PM system does it… except Monday.


So our decision is made. We will leave monday what is really really sad. But since we have no prospect of improvement on this subject, we feel compelled to do so. :wave:


HELLO~ can you hear us?

There are so many requests in this community that deal with the same 3-4 issues in the time tracking column. Please update us. Time is essential to project management and workflows. This issue is almost 2 years old!


There’s a little tool I developed that create a sync with a spreadsheet. There you’ll get a full duration (time tracking) report you can use and apply functions on.
Here’s a working example:

You can find more info about it in this conversation.

I really hope this helps better analyze the Time Tracking column, most people use it for HR or other related scenarios.

Any roadmap updates from Monday on improving time tracking?
We’re still dazzled by the lack of simultaneous time tracking :pensive:


Hello @itaishabtai

Just wondering if there are any updates on the improvements requested for the time tracking column?

Thank you :smiley:

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I love this post, because it captures all the needs my team is currently facing. We use this feature to track meeting times, and it’s really inconvenient that everyone can’t manually enter that they were in the meeting at the same time.

While the time and date isn’t necessarily important now, it could be in the future and that’s a frustrating pain point for our team.

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Hi @Yoggie. How it works?

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Hi @Hainer.Farias !

  • Log in to the app using your Monday account.
  • Go to “Manage Your CSV URLs”.
  • Generate a new CSV. Note that you the board you’re using needs to have at least one time tracking column.
  • Follow the instructions - copy and paste the function in your sheet.

And that’s it! the sheet is now linked to the board, every time you’ll refresh the function all the cells will be updated with the relevant data.

Let me know if you ran into any issues with this.

Hi all that are following this thread!
We see that are a lot feature requests for being able to log time on items/subitems with multiple people. We’ve created an app that’s on the marketplace, called Tracket.

With our app you are able to add time entries to existing items and subitems to get insight in your team’s capacity. You are also able to send your data towards, for example, billing systems via our API.

You can start a trial in the marketplace:

Learn more about this app via this community post: New product announcement - Tracket makes time work

Hi Monday! Can you tell us some details of what may or may not happen with time tracking? It would really help everyone I think if we could know whether there will be a new time tracker that will work with the old time entries or if it will be an entirely separate thing.

If it’s going to be an entirely separate thing that doesn’t keep the entries from the old time tracker, I’m tempted to just make a number column called hours where we can simply enter a number for now. And then switch over to the new tracker if/when it arrives.

If the new time tracker is going to still read the old entries, then I’d be more motivated to struggle through with the current one as our data will still be useful in the future with the new tracker.

And just some kind of timeframe would be so incredibly helpful! Like will it be a matter of a few months or is it going to be a year or two, and here’s what it will probably be able to do and not do, etc.

I think any detail you can give us will be extremely helpful. I’d also love to hear about the underlying structure within Monday that makes this feature request difficult or impossible to implement if you’re willing to teach us – as maybe it will also help us understand how best to work around it.

Thank you!!


I know I’m late on this but I have some comments on this subject

I have many time trackers on my board and they are all done by Automations ONLY, but the problem is that it doesn’t always show the correct user since its started by the automation I created it will show my name.
also, in general with the time tracker, it shows start and stop TIME but not DATE, i.e. in the screenshot above on FEB 18 it was worked from 12:44 PM to 11:46 AM?!

Another point that would help, like there is Weekends that can be set for deadlines not to calculate, it should also set the Time Tracker and I would say there should also be a setting of working hours and days closed and the time tracker should pause or just not figure that time.

Thanks for your help and looking forward for improvements on this.


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I think after 3 years since i created this post, that we are STILL in timetracking column 1.0 version without any work on that column.
I cant understand why this is not a priority of development.
All this besides the third party app solutions till today, that doesnt solve natively all the thing we need to have in order to log our employee hours.


Dear Monday team: any update on a rough road map schedule?
There are sooo many improvements that are possible on the time tracking. I’m sure you guys at Monday don’t need to know what they all are. There are so many possibilities to make it a great time tracking and i would assume you at Monday have the budget, skills and people power to implement it.
Question: are you aware of this? Is it on you roadmap or do you guys see no need for improvement on this column for 2022?


I worry that focusses on items people are using to make improvements, which I get but with time tracking so many people aren’t using it because it’s shocking. That’s the only explanation I can think of that the llama farm is on v2 but time tracking is on v1…


The worst part of this, is that any of the other paid apps are not giving an easy solution, all are workarounds to track hours, but not solving a single column to track hours takes us to use subitems structure to log days/person/hours in a number column, thats ok, but im loosing subitems capacity to track another technical information of our work.

The needs for this improvements still as i posted on 2019:

  1. Add manual sessions without specifying hours and minutes, i mean, only hours worked.

  2. Add android App capabilities to add manual sessions, actually android users can only start and stop the time, but not introduce values manually.

  3. Fix the issue that two users cannot introduce a manual session on the same time/hour.


@monday-team dont you think that after more than 2 years this should be at the top of your priority list rather than releasing new views or grouping features. I love the monday.labs but I seriously think this issue that prevents effective workflow should be resolved ASAP.

My entire company is busy moving over to and we can now not work simultaneously or easily on tasks.


Agreed with the above. I am aware this is also over multiple threads. can this please be bumped up the list as Clayton and many others have requested?

One thread has been open for 4 years! Slightly concerning.

Thank you.


Im sure this has been asked before but is there any way we can get an automation to STOP a timer that has been forgotten on? Or at least some kind of update if a timer has been running continuously for more than say 5 hours?

I’ve come across a few project now where timers have been left on and have amassed HUNDREDS of hours but no one was ever aware of this.

Please let us know.


Having the same issue with time tracking. Set up a task for a meeting, had multiple team members attend that meeting, but couldn’t have overlapping time tracking sessions.

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