Inbox with card view

Hi all,

I would love to drop a feature suggestion for the inbox.

I am working quite a lot from the inbox. It works amazing when it comes down to giving me a quick overview of all the updates that are made within our projects / boards and cleaning my inbox on the go with the blue checkbox on the right of every item. My suggestion would be a timesaver on top of the quick overview of all the updates.

As a user I would like to be able to change column setting via the card view of an item, so I can quickly update status columns, move item to other groups and export, all that without leaving the inbox.

Let me know what you think of this suggestion.

Thanks and appreciated!


Sounds useful.

Thoughtful details like this are what make good software great.

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+1 on this one.
i will add the same function by clicking in the pulse name in the board (like mobile app)
when you have so much columns is much easier to see it like that.


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sounds good , i like to have it too