Include formula columns in automation recipes

Yes! Don’t really understand why this isn’t a thing. I want to do things like send the sum of several fields into a slack channel, let employees know what their total pay, revenue per hour and pay per hour was for a given period, etc., all of which are the outputs in formula columns. Do I really need to make a separate Text/number column next to my formula column and then manually type in the sum there …? Does anyone have a good workaround?

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Hi there! @Luiza @wfe2410 @FrancescoCuffaro @MartinSkarra @EmilyRobin @elenakelareva @Dly215 @DylanDowns @Rhovel @luizamachado

My name is Mabel and I’m a UX researcher at Adaptavist. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:
We are looking to better understand your needs about including formula columns in automation recipes to build a solution easier & better for you.

Would you be up for a 30-minute chat over Zoom? As a token of appreciation for your time and insight, we’re offering you a $35 voucher. We’ll happy to hear you!

You can contact me at or use this link Monday Subitems | User Interviews

WOW!! It is kind of ridiculous how long people have been requesting this and nothing in almost 3 years!!!

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Hi there,

Could you provide more details on what we would be discussing? Uses cases, reason for the session, etc.


Unfortunately there are many needs like this, all of them almost with two years in stand by, all of them critical to us, and with no movements on any roadmap to this days.
I was a very active user on this community, and some old user told me that he was like me, active and participating member, till he noticed that the most voted and needed features wasnt go on the right way, so he stoped participating on this forum.
So im in his situation right now, seen how new people arrives with all the energy and strenght looking to be eared and start to change all for good.
Im also have noticed some notorious periods when clearly the admins or moderator politics was changed, some ocassions not responding to any of us, some another telling us that there is no ETA from what we all need, then that this idea is in another topic so it will be merged with another and telling us to send our votes to another topic…

But on the bottom line, nothing changes…

  • The autoID native column still like it was when i start on monday on feb/2019.
  • The timetracking column is still that bad as when i start on monday too.
  • The item permissions feature still on ENTERPRISE plans and was not shared to pro plan.
  • There is no way on 2023 that any app cant have the native ability to send a pdf or document via email automatically via automations.
  • Making quotes “manually” instead of using items from another boards to make it fast.

And more and more…


I am trying to sent up the text in a notification for a column that is mirroring a formula from another board.

I want a notification from board A to sent when it is marked done. I want the item total to appear in the message. The mirror column from board A is the formula sum of the subitem totals from board B. So, I have a mirror column mirroring a formula from another board.

I am also having troubles integrating outlook to send emails to email addresses that are mirroring my Contact Board.

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Sure. It’s to understand the uses cases, your frustrations and the workarounds in order to include formulas in the columns, with or without the automation recipes. Would you be interested for a chat?

Yes. I’ve copied Shivam, my colleague who would like to attend as well.


To move forward with our chat, could you please write to or use this link Monday Subitems | User Interviews

Thank you and regards!

Hi community! Exciting update: our development understand the importance of including formula columns in automation recipes and although they are uncertain of the exact release date or timeline, they are starting to work on developing this feature! The status has now been changed to under consideration. Read more about what this means here.

When there is more information about when this feature I will make sure to update. Keep sharing your ideas and learn more about new Feature Request process.:rocket:


Is there an update on this?

Great to hear that, this will improve the functionality and usability of greatly for our company.

Thanks for working on this.

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Bumping this - hopefully will be added to the roadmap and not just be left under consideration. It’s such an important feature to have

It really is!

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I’d also mention that this is essential to our use of I use Monday to coordinate with many teams, and need lots of automatic notifications. Being unable to use formulas severely limits the applicability of for my team

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Incorporating formula functions within automations has the potential to be a catalyst for achieving remarkable outcomes.

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Great to hear! Voting for this feature to be implemented ASAP.

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This post is quite old, howeer, still relevant as nothing has come with the latest updates in Monday.

  • the Formula column should definitely be considered in the automations
    This is a missing feature that makes automations less powerfull. Formula + Automation is the winner.

Agreed! It is such a crucial feature and I am disheartened that it has not been added yet.


I’ll vote for anything that helps improve the functionality of the automations.

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