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Hi all!

I’ve read that is it possible to integrate a Google Sheet with a board in so every time a new line is created in Google, an item is created in Monday.

However, we do not need to create new items in Monday but to have a board in Monday with exactly the same lines in a Google Spreadsheet. When the fields in the lines in Google are updated, we need that information to be updated in the fields in the items in Monday. And viceversa.

Is it possible?

If it is, is there a specialist who can do it?


Sounds like Integromat , I am curious about this too.

Create items in google sheets when items are added in

2 way sync capability.

I am looking for the same thing to have a backup copy of our projects

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Best way to solve this would be with Integromat. It is a rather easy setup. Should be able to be managed without a “expert” just by consulting Integromat documentation. Otherwise I think @DebCinkus and her team would be able to hook you up quickly.
Good luck!


Thanks for the shoutout, @Thomas-Omnitas - Yes, Polished Geek can absolutely help you with this type of setup in Integromat. You can book a time here for an introductory call: Book Polished Geek: more with

~ Deb Cinkus
Product-certified Partner

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Hi Alejandra!

It’s absolutely possible! We have previously set this up for a client. Have to chat about it in a complimentary 1 hour appointment.

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Hi Alejandra,
What you are wanting done is right up my alley of expertise and I would be happy in helping you out on this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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Hi Anthony! Last week was hectic so I’ll take the time between today and tomorrow to take a look at Integromat and let you know what I find. Thanks for the idea!

Hi Thomas! I’ll take a good look at Integromat and reach @DebCinkus if necessary. Thanks for the idea!

Hi Deb! I’ll take a good look at Integromat and reach your team soon. Thanks for writing!

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Hi Elena! Let me analyse if Integromat is fit for our need and come back to you. Thanks!

Hi Andrew! Let me analyse if Integromat is fit for our need and come back to you. Thanks!

@Andrew1 @AlejandraGelfi @AnthonytheEngineer and others,

Just FYI, we have implemented this using Google App Script so without the need for using (and paying for) Integromat. The initial setup is a bit more work because of that, but you’re no longer depending on a third party service moving forward.
Feel free to contact me if that interests you.

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@freek-gcompany Yes, I appreciate it. please email me when you get a moment

Happy to connect with those establishing their own solutions and testing workflows. Monday is great!

@freek-gcompany I would also be interesting in hearing from you please email me at currently using and living, but definitely could use an integration with Google sheets.