Integration with MS Power Automate

Hi @dipro - I’m tagging you onto this thread as it seems this request\need has lost some visibility from Monday. seems to be no longer employed there. Can you give us a status update on this one? Thanks!

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Hey folks, we don’t have a planned connector with MS Power Automate at the moment.

Many integration tools have an HTTP module that lets you make custom API calls. Perhaps PowerAutomate has similar functionality that you can use instead of a monday-branded connector.

@dipro do you have a swagger file for your api that can be imported into postman?

Bumping this because, quite frankly, it’s a bit ridiculous that Monday and PowerAutomate aren’t able to connect. Integromat/Make has continuous timeout errors when linked out from Microsoft into Monday that this integration with PowerAutomate is absolutely necessary.

Please add this to the pipeline.

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I’m currently working on creating an integration between Monday and Power Automate. I know there’s been a lot of frustration in this community because of the lack of an integration between these two services.

I want to make sure the integration I create really solves your needs. If you have a specific feature you want to see in this integration, please reach out to me at so I can try and get it prioritized.

If you would like me to let you know when the integration is available in the apps marketplace, just let me know by sending me an email at That way you can be the first to know about it and don’t have to keep checking the apps marketplace.


Developers in my team created custom integrations from power automate to that we use internally. We have submitted it to the monday app marketplace for review as a free app so everyone on can use it for free. The review from can take a few weeks.

I also had an indication from that an official integration is in their backlog. So there could be potentially three solutions including @oalbrecht . That should cater for the needs of the community I hope


@Maltiti , @oalbrecht - Thanks guys. I know the community would appreciate your efforts very much. Fingers crossed to have your solutions approved.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m looking forward to seeing what your team created.

@Maltiti Have you heard anything on this?

Yes, Power Automate has a HTTP connector, but it’s premium.
If you manage to make your GraphQL request work in PostMan, you can get the raw JSON object corresponding and put it in Power Automate.
It should look like :

    "query": "Your GraphQL request here"

Beware, as your request is now inside double quote you must use \" instead, if you get any " in your request.
It works, I’ve done it.
It’s a little bit more tricky to upload a file, as it is not GraphQL but multipart form.

I’m new to monday,.com and really hope this gets done asap. Our company is heavily relying on Power Automate for daily operations and and task. Team, please implement this! thanks!

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shocked that this request was started 3 years ago with little to no feedback/action from
this would be a huge unlock for our business, would love to see some movement on it.


Hey @Brynn @aow @MadsenFr and everyone else on this thread,

I work for miniOrange and we’re currently looking at the feasibility of making an app for this. However, I need your help in understanding the exact requirement you have with MS Power Automate. I’d love to get on a call with any of you at your convenience to discuss this further.
Please reach out to me at to connect.

Hoping to hear from one of you soon!

Arnav Ghatage

Hi @arnav_miniOrange,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m going to be releasing an app for this very soon. Development is already complete for it and it’s going through final QA checks. Then it will be submitted to the marketplace.

It’s a fairly complicated integration, which is why it took so long to create. I’m the one who posted about it in November under the username “oalbrecht” and have been developing it ever since.

The integration will have 11 actions and 8 triggers, which should support almost all use cases.

Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner or I would have commented then.


Thank you to everyone for the suggestions and comments!
I passed along this request to the product team and they were very interested in looking into this integration and are considering adding it to future roadmaps. Learn more about what this status means here and read more about the launch of our new future request process!

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Hi @oalbrecht,

Thank you for this information. Do you have an update on this?

@Isab The integration between Power Automate and is currently being reviewed by monday. Once they approve the app (hopefully in the next 1-2 weeks), you should be able to use it.

The connector is already in Power Automate, but it won’t work until monday approves the accompanying Microsoft Power Automate app for the monday Marketplace.

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Thank you ! Will I then need Power Automate Premium in order to create a flow integrating Monday?

@Isab You will need the ability to use premium connectors in Power Automate. Based on Microsoft’s documentation, all standalone plans give access to premium connectors.

Good news, the Microsoft Power Automate app is finally available in the marketplace! :raised_hands:

Getting Started
You can add it to your monday account by clicking this link: Add to monday.

Once you’ve added the app to your monday account, navigate to Power Automate and create or update an existing flow. Search for the “monday” connector when adding a new action/trigger in Power Automate. Please note that you will need access to premium plugins in Power Automate. Once you’ve signed into the connector and authorized the connection between monday and Power Automate, you can start creating your own monday flows in Power Automate.

Check out our documentation if you need any help. You can also send us an email at:

Supported Actions/Triggers
The following Power Automate actions are included:

  • Create item
  • Create board
  • Create column
  • Create group
  • Create notification
  • Create sub-item
  • Create update
  • Create workspace
  • Get tags
  • Get users
  • Get items

The following Power Automate triggers are included:

  • When a column changes
  • When a new update is posted
  • When a sub-item is created
  • When a sub-item’s name changes
  • When an item is created
  • When an item’s name changes
  • When any column changes
  • When any sub-item column changes

Future Improvements
The ability to update existing items is coming soon (likely in 2-3 months, but hopefully sooner).

If you have any other suggestions for what may be missing or could be improved, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at:

I hope this integration will provide lots of value for your business. I’m committed to helping your business succeed in its goals and will continue to improve the integration over time to help address your needs.

All the best,


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