Is It Possible To Create a Monthly Time-Tracking Report

We are using monday to allocate tasks within our agency. Each client has their own Workspace, and usually a single board in that workspace.

Does anyone know of a way to generate a simple report, which shows ‘Time Tracking’ in the past 30 days. I know we could see totals of time-tracking, but ideally Id like a simple report, that lists the tasks undertaken in the past 30 days, and the total time spent on those tasks in the past 30 days, and by which team member.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated?

creating a monthly time-tracking report can be done, but it might require a bit of setup. Here’s a rough idea of how you could go about it:

make sure you have a custom time-tracking field for tasks. you can use the “time tracking” column, which lets you log time on your tasks. set up filters on your board to show tasks completed in the last 30 days. you can filter by date and, if needed, by team member. group your tasks by team member. this way, you can see who did what in the past month. and enable the “totals” feature. this will give you the total time spent on each task and the total time spent by each team member in the filtered results. i’m sure this should give you a decent overview of tasks completed, total time, and who did what in the last 30 days.

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Yup. We could have a report that states the activities that are planned for the specific period of time. That helps management a lot to plan their resources.

@muv @murugesh Analytics & Reports by Screenful allows reporting time tracking data both on top level items and subitems. You can learn more from this guide: Creating charts based on time tracking data - Screenful Guide for

You can also create reports based on this data and schedule them to be sent daily/weekly/monthly to selected recipients.