Item Descriptions - Set rich-text descriptions for each of your board items

Hi @NikolaMastilovic,

How do you store the data from the description?
Is there any way to export the description?

When I export the data of an entire board or just one element it doesn’t export the description.

thank you.

Hey Pierre,

All descriptions are stored in your monday’s account, using the monday storage (

There is no direct export of the storage as of yet - For security purposes, monday only allows the data to be accessed by the app that set the storage at the moment. That said, we are working with on an option that would allow a broader access to data stored by all apps in the storage, not just our app, as that data is yours and you should be able to access it.

Hey Nikola! Thanks for making this app. Is there any way to automate this yet? I’m trying to have a template upload in the Item Description whenever a new item is created

@NikolaMastilovic - sorry, should have tagged you in the original post!

Hi @NikolaMastilovic , I’m taking some requests via a Form. To have a sort of description, I’m using an automation to populate a one of the Form answers as an “Update”.

I’d love to use your Item Description, but would I be able to link the Form answer automatically to your Item Description tab?

Thanks for your time!

Hey @greenroom - I’m afraid there isn’t that option as of yet :confused:

@adriacruz - At this point, I’m afraid not. We store all of the item descriptions in monday storage, and I don’t think there is a way with monday’s current api to open that up for something like that. But, I’ll see with the team if they can run some research on that!

Copy that. do you see it maybe becoming a function for the app in the future?

@ NikolaMastilovic - can you tag people/items/boards in your item description? For instance, in the “Updates” section of an item you can tag people and they get notified. You can tag other public items or boards with link URLs so if you click on it, it takes you there. Does that functionality exist in this app?