Kanban View Across Multiple Boards (Support in dashboards)

This is a rough idea of what our team would like to have as a Kanban dashboard. We would be able to sort by status and people to get an overview from multiple boards. A master to-do list in Kanban format. Each Kanban item would also pull in the board name as reference (as shown on the bottom right corners, e.g. A079435 Nikon 2.0)


This is exactly what we’ve been envisioning! Now that other members can see this idea, I hope it starts getting more votes. Thanks, Phil.


Hi - i would also like to upvote this functionality. Cheers, Sean

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100% need this!

A great example - One of our teams uses Kanban for general team tasks - but the team members like to be able to see their tasks AND add their own that they don’t want to clutter the main board with.

Currently they do this with Trello using the mirrored cards power up. Something gets assigned to them on the team Trello Kanban board, they mirror it to their own board where it sits in with their own tasks and they can switch to whichever view style they like.

Edit - I just ran through the system with one of our staff, and they said they would be happy to switch but would keep their Trello board to organise their own day / tasks and manually copy assigned tasks from Monday… which seems insane. They said there is a lot of personal tasks they usually add (like booking doctors appointments etc.), that they want reminding of during the work day as well as minor work tasks that don’t come from the team like sorting something with HR / IT, doing timesheets etc.


Any news on whether this will be implemented? We use a kanban style approach to project management so the ‘My Week’ feature is pretty much useless for us. Being able to create personal kanban dashboards from a number of different boards would be fantastic.

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Yes Plzzzzzzzzzzzz!
This is almost a deal breaker for us - since dates arent too fixed, its more about prioritising today, tomorrow, next week - as per the any.do functionality

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Just a bump on this topic from my side.

Will a kanban dashboard widget be implemented at some point?

Does anyone know if there are other task management softwares that allow this feature?

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Another vote for this. I just need to be able to get a simple Kanban snapshot of what my team is doing today and for the next few days for us to use in daily standups and to help them keep focused throughout the day. A Kanban dashboard board is the easiest way for them to view and easily adjust their immediate and upcoming tasks from all of our projects.


I am still looking for this

I thought initially I could manage everything with just sprint board or other table views, but I agree that an Everytying Kanban is a must for someone who needs to work on multiple projects/clients. Right now I use the dashboard to agglomerate all my table views, but an Everything Kanban would indeed make this much more easy to be productive like a Toyota car factory :wink:

One first iteration could be to have Everything with filters. Another iteration could introduce Kanban boards within Kanban boards for an even broader view of what is happening in the entire business


Kanban is a basic tool that is present in every managment software, I can’t understand why something this basic hasn’t been developed yet. If I need a Kanban for my backlog (all the activities for all my projects) I have to create 1 board for all my projects, instead of 1 board for 1 project, wich turns a flexible tool like Monday to something rigid. I have to use 2 management software and if it dosn’t change I will have to look for another tool for my company. Please, listen to the community and look at your competition, this functionality is really needed!

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I’d love to see a Kanban Everything dashboard to bring my cross-board “to-do” list together in one place.

@Julia-monday.com Will there be any update on this?

Will there be any update on having all boards selected > Dashboard > Kanban style (widget)?

Continuing the discussion from Kanban View Across Multiple Boards:

WIll there be any update on having a Kanban style widget for Dashboard where we can select all of the boards we’d like displayed?

I agree! This is a critical functionality for those of us who prefer a Kanban view to a Table view. I can’t believe it’s not an option already; I know competing services offer this as a possibility.


Bringing this one back to light…
We also need this dashboard - has there been any progress since original entry? Any news?


This is such a basic need, especially since Monday doesn’t have any convenient organization between e.g. a master board and project boards. The functionality only seems to assume a limited number of boards, without any actualy integration that is practical, with no workload, time management, etc. over boards, or either so shallow or overly complicated with automation, that it doesn’t really work for any serieus project management beyond a single project.

Seems we are waiting this widget for 4 years now…