Lack of dummy users in Monday require use of Excel reporting instead of Monday Dashboard

My team works with an external client who is never going to log in to Monday, but who has tasks that I need to track on my team’s boards. But, it seems that there is no way to create dummy users in Monday - every user has to be linked to an active email address. This doesn’t take into account the need to track work being done by external clients/vendors who have no intention of ever logging in Monday.

I need to use a People column because I need my team to be able to go to My work and see all of their tasks in one place. I also need to create a dashboard that accurately reports the type/status/amount of tasks assigned to each person - both external and internal.

If I just had one or two boards, I could deal with the manual work around of creating a second, Text column when a task is assigned to an external user. But, I’m in an Enterprise account. I am managing 27 separate boards (yes, they are different bodies of work with unique project IDs, so they have to be separate). Having that many boards makes a dashboard a necessity. But, if I have to use separate columns for Internal users (People) and external clients (Text), then my dashboard isn’t going to be accurate. That’s forcing me to export all of my boards to Excel, combine them and then create Excel dashboards. It’s painful.

Dummy users seems like a necessity for Enterprise level accounts who have clients/vendors who either can’t (for security reasons) or won’t ever log in to Monday.

Hi @puck4007 :wave:

Not sure how viable it would be for you based on number of externals you need to manage, but have you considered setting up basic gmail/outlook addresses for them so you can just bypass that issue and assign them as you want to?

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