Link pulse updates & info boxes to another pulse on a different board

I have a campaign board and an editorial calendar board. The campaign board has all our monthly campaigns and is a project management board so we know where everyone is at with their assignments. In the editorial board, I have those assignments broken down into separate pulses (i.e. email #1, Email 2, social post #1 etc).

I want to link the pulses from my campaign board to the pulses in my editorial board so that all updates, info boxes etc can live solely on the campaign pulse. AKA If I upload a file to my Valentine campaign pulse I want the people working on the editorial pulses to be able to see all those updates and info boxes/ be able to add to them.

This would be a cool feature because I dont want to break up all the valuable info for a campaign into the editorial pulses instead I want the team to be able to go to one place to view and see all the information they might need.

Is this currently possible? If not it should be :slight_smile: