Main board and sub boards


Who can help?

I want to make a headboard with all my projects.
I want to make a separate board for each project. (this also works through automation)

The main board is also intended to monitor budgets / sales, I made a widget for this.

Now I would like that when the separate project boards have certain statuses they feed back to the main board.

Is there a possibility to feedback this at item level?
Now as I know now that doesn’t really work well with link and mirror because you have to use the column. Mabey use of nummer in tag or contract?

See image which hopefully make it clearer.

Please hear your ideas.


Hi @RobvanHees

There are certain possibilities, it all depends what you exactly wants to achieve. When you say “when the separate project boards have certain statuses they feed back to the main board”. What do you mean by that? Are you trying to combine several statuses in one or is it just one particular status you are interested in on your main board?

On particular status in my main board.

What I want is a main board of all my projects with budgets / amounts.

These projects can have the status Lead / quotation / final.

When we enter a project, we enter the quotation process, so I want my team / project office to work on it, so if the status goes from lead to quotation, a separate board is created with different pulses / items. I would like once all the items in this board are ready that a report can be made to the main board.

The problem is that monday works with items (rows) and I don’t think I can return a message to a row / item.

So in the main board every item is a contract.
Every contract also has a plate.