Mirror automation rule doesn't work on duplicate/template boards


we have some trouble with the automation rule, it seems like a bug!
We wrote this automation in template board:
When Ressource is assigned to People create an Item in Board and link them using Link

This rule works perfectly, thanks to all the Monday’s team. But it doesn’t work on template boards or on duplicates.
The rule is in the template board and when we create a new board using the template or duplicating an existing board, the rule is here, but doesn’t work. For now, we must delete and recreate the rule which we can’t do, due to the massive number of board we have :(.

Thanks for your help,

HI @Quentin! I’m glad you posted about this! Currently, any automation recipe that includes “mapping” or the ability to transfer fields over to a new item being created, in addition to time tracking, are not supported upon duplication. This includes cross board automations (as you mentioned above) as well as recurring items. Our team is aware and we are looking to support this in the future. Hope that gives some clarity! Cheers!