Monday to ActiveCampaign Zap

Hi there.

I am not a coder but I’m trying to set up a zap that will automatically enter a new Monday board entry into a workflow in our autoresponder, ActiveCampaign.

There is already a Zap for this in Zapier, but the problem I’m running into is that AC needs to pull in the email from the Monday board column.

None of the columns are showing up in Zapier’s dropdown when I try to set up this zap.

The column id is “email0”

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Hi @meggieb

I believe that you will need to add another step after the “New Item in Board” trigger to lookup the column values.

I don’t think the Zapier integration allows you to do this as there are no ‘search’ functions.

I would suggest looking at Integromat. They also have a connection with ActiveCampaign and will allow you to look up the column values based on a pulse_id which you are given in the event information.

You can generally make a better workflow using Integrotmat and the pricing is cheaper than Zapier starting at about $9 per month. They do have a free version but is limited. Although depending on the number of actions you require, it may be suitable for you.

The integromat scenario would look something like this:

Wait for Trigger (New item on the board) -> Get the column values from the pulse -> Complete action with ActiveCampaign

Please note, that a new item is created without any values for each column. You may receive some weird responses if the column values haven’t been populated before this event is fired.