Monday's 0Auth client_ID for Gsuite (google Gsuite)

Hi !
I’m looking for monday’s 0Auth client ID in order to set up correctly the Panel control security section of our company’s Gsuite. I can’t find this code/number anywhere and monday’s helping center have told me they can’t get back to me before 2 business days.
Any luck that one of you guys know the Monday’s 0Auth client ID please ?

Hi @caroline4

Welcome to the community. Are you referring to the client ID of your app? This can be found in the app details in developer mode.

thanks for replying. I’m not referring to the client ID of my app but to the client ID of itself. It’s been requested by Gsuite to authorize the connexion between Gsuite and Monday.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a client ID for itself. You will always need to authorize against a user. There is a personal API token that can be accessed from Avatar>admin>API or Avatar>Developers>Developer>My Access Token. Does that help?

From what i’ve understood, GSuite is considering Monday. com as an app and this why they ask for monday’s client ID. I’ll wait for the monday helping center people to get back to me. thanks for your help ;

Hey there @caroline4 :wave:

Thank you for connecting with the community here and for asking this question! My warmest welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

To be transparent with you, I am only able to confirm what @basdebruin has been saying so far - we are not able to provide a client ID to be used for a GSuite integration. Could you please clarify further what you are looking to achieve here?

I’d love to learn a bit more detail about where you’re seeing the request for Client ID on GSuite’s end - if you can provide a screenshot, I’d love to take a further look and see how we can best assist, as this is definitely not something our users have requested previously.



thanks you for your help. I made a litte video, sorry for my enghlish, as you can here it’s not my first langage !

EDIT: Link to loom removed. -Alex

Thanks again !


Thanks for sharing that and getting back to us here with the video! I think the recording might contain sensitive information in this case (like your team member’s email addresses), so I’m going to remove the link from the community for now. I’ll save it within my notes though so it isn’t lost :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thanks so much for that video, it was really helpful to understand where you are coming from here! That said, I think you might be trying to set up Google Apps Authentication for your account as a security measure - is my understanding correct?

If so, this is something you can achieve from within the platform actually, as a security setting within your account. You can find more information about this here:

Here are the settings I’d recommend using:

You can get there by:

  • Clicking on your profile picture/avatar in the bottom left corner;
  • Selecting the Admin option from the menu that appears;
  • Once there, choose the Security Tab;

Please let me know if this helps - I want to make sure you’re able to get the result you are looking for.


Thanks Alex for trying to help me. t
The thing with Gsuite is that you can’t individually manage your own google account. You need to manage all users accounts at once from the Gsuite panel control (like I try to explain it on the video I sent you). It’s a security measure from google Gsuite. In order to do so you need to add n the GSuite panel control the app you want to link to Gsuite and to the attached gmail accounts. In my case, the app is In order to do so on Gsuite you need to use’s client ID… You can alos type the name of the app. but when you type, then a choice of 6 different monday is proposed to you and I’ve no idea which one to choose.

On my monday account, the security you recommand was already on. My monday account is related to my old gmail account (which was a regular gmail or google account). And it has worked great until now. BUt as my non profit organisation has switched to Gsuite accounts, I would like to linkg monday with our new Gsuite account.

Hope I’m clear…


Problem solved ! I tried to connect Gsuite from Monday, I received an error message that included the client ID

Hey @caroline4 - glad that worked! Let us know if you have any other questions.