Multi-board mirroring with chart mapping status against sum of Numbers column

I am creating a High Level board to keep track of the status of a number of low level boards. I am adding one item in the high level board for each low level board and adding all items in these low level boards to the respective item. Among other things, I am mirroring a Numbers column with the area of each item and a status column. I want to create a chart which tells me how much area is covered and how much is left by setting the X axis to the status column and summing the area on the Y axis.

When I create this chart it seems as if it only includes data from the first item that I added to each group and the total areas for these connected boards are assigned to the label type that makes up the smallest percentage of the status cells for the respective board. The area for the other labels are then dependent on how many times more there are of that label.

Here is an example. The total area of the items connected to the first item I added is 45 and the “Working on it”-label makes up 1/6 of the labels in the status column. The “Done”-label makes up 2/6 of the labels = 90 and the “Empty”-label makes up 3/6 =135, resulting in a much higher total than it should be.

Is there a reason that it is calculated in this way, and is there some way I can get the actual summarized area for each label, or is that not supported?

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I would be more than happy to help, but I am not sure I fully understand the problem. Would you be so kind to record a short Loom video to explain?

You can also schedule a short meeting with me so I can see the problem in action.

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