Need assistance on how to freeze a cell as soon as it generates data

I am using Monday as an OS. I have it set up so that I get my pricing from formulas in the sub items. Basically, each subitem is a product x quantity, and there’s an associated price for each item to generate a total for that line item. These totals in subitems get added and mirrored to a column in an item, but it won’t generate that final sales price until I enter a markup in another column. The pricing database changes, and therefore the line item pricing in changes. I can live with that, but I need that final sales price to freeze once it generates (after the markup). Is there any way to do this? If the switch function works for this, I haven’t been able to figure out the correct entry. If you can help with this I would greatly appreciate it!


There is no native way in to freeze a formula columns data, there are some other ways to acomplish what you want to do.

You can use General Caster app you can find it in the App Marketplace or you can use and set it up when you fill out the markup column it should send a webhook to which will take all your mirroed subitems plus any addianal charges you wish to add and fill in the total column.

Hope this helps

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I am trying to use general caster, as looked a little too complicated for me. I’m finding that the general caster workflow looks great, to where it will run a basic formula of cost * markup only when the markup column is changed (which I believe will lock in that price unless that markup changed again). The total cost will change as the item pricing gets updated which is why I need to freeze the final sales price.

The problem I’m running into is that nothing is happening when I run the flow, and I feel like it’s because of the formula. I’ve done the basic column*column, and even MULTIPLY(column,column) and it’s not even throwing me back an error. Does this make sense to you?

Also thank you for your initial response! I really appreciate it.


@rob might be able to help you with issues in general caster

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Just use {item's Column A} * {item's Column B} as written in General Caster documentation.