New Home Construction (Monday board to pick materials/finishes)

So i am a home builder and Monday is pretty solid on the construction work flow side of things however what would be amazing is if we could somehow use monday to pick and choose our materials for each house and then it would track pricing.

for instance, we have a repository of materials stored somewhere (kitchen, flooring, lighting, etc). Then somehow easily choose those materials for each project on a Monday board. so we could see in one area all the chosen materials for the project and its pricing.

what i am trying to avoid is manually adding the materials each time – i want to be able to choose from an already decided upon “bucket” of materials


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Hi @dreborn - Have you considered making a separate board for your master list of materials to serve as that repository and then selecting them in a related column? You could mirror the pricing columns and any other centralized information you need on the individual home planning boards.

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interesting! trying to think how that would work though.

say i make a mater board for materials “Finish Materials”

first column would be the name of item
second would be a “status” column for type (flooring, lighting, etc)
third would be vendor
fourth would be url to item
fifth would be picture of item

so i would link the first column (name of item)? never did related columns, ill have to mess with it

also i understand now your point of mirroring all the pricing/info colums on main board. that’s a fairly big annoyance cause essentially every time we add a product then i have to go back in and add it to every single board

For what it’s worth, I’m using the View: APP Online Docs with a Google Sheet for a spreadsheet with a materials list. APP Online Docs also allows you to have multiple Docs in the right hand side bar and sheets also allows for tabs. So I can track and calculate costs from inside Monday without leaving the board.

The only issue I’ve run into so far is that you can’t sort the right hand column of docs.

Good idea! I may have to resort to use my online excel doc for something similar